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How To Dye Your Pubic Hair

June 24th, 2012

More recently, women have become aware about the condition of their pubic hair. From Brazilian waxes to pubic hair shaping and pubic shaving, women are starting to treat their pubic region with much more care and attention. For a lot of women, shaving their pubic region is a step too far and many would just like to improve the look of their pubic hair. One easy way to do this is by coloring or dyeing your pubic hair. Coloring or dyeing your pubic hair is a quick and easy way to cover over some of those gray hairs that may be creeping in. Alternatively, you may just want a change and what better way to surprise your partner than with a new pubic hair color?One important point to make at this stage is that sometimes hair colors and dyes may cause irritability. With the pubic region being such a sensitive area great care must be taken not to irritate or damage the skin in any way.

Vintage Meets Modern: A Classic New Look

June 23rd, 2012

Retro glam looks of the past are back in a big way-and not just on runway supermodels. Fashionable women across America are sporting a multitude of styles from previous decades, but with a few contemporary twists. Try these cost-effective tips from celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose. He can help you join the vintage-meets-modern revolution. Makeup? Make down-Update your look by eradicating that made-up look. Rather than using both a foundation and bronzer, stick to mineral powder and blush. Blush adds warmth to the face and emphasizes facial contours. Add a subtle touch of color to the high edge of the cheek-bones and blend to create a natural-looking blush on the cheeks. To create a look that screams vintage glamor, experiment with this season’s popular apricot or pale pink hues.Lighten to brighten-This season, less really is more. Ditch the hard shades and harsh liner and stick to light, barely-there colors with a subtle shimmer to instantly brighten your gaze.

Wentworth Weddings Custom-Designed to Frame Priceless Memories

June 23rd, 2012

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., June 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Like the silk moire wedding dress Sarah Osgood Jones wore when she married Mark Hunking Wentworth in Portsmouth in 1844, weddings at Wentworth By the Sea Hotel & Spa are exquisite examples of craftsmanship, fine materials and attention to detail. The dress is on display in local Strawbery Banke Museum’s exhibition “Thread” ( The wedding expertise is on display daily at Wentworth By the Sea Hotel ( and, like the dress, reflects experience and knowledge stitched together with the custom tailoring that puts the spotlight where it belongs.

US 3G and 4G networks face off once more, Verizon just squeaks out win over AT&T

June 23rd, 2012
US 3G and 4G networks face off once more, Verizon just squeaks out win over AT&T (via NHC Smartphone News Radio)

Competition for the US cellular speed crown is certainly fiercer than it was last year, when Verizon’s 4G LTE let it walk over the competition unimpeded. With AT&T’s LTE in the running, though, have the ranks changed? No, but only just barely: as PCMag discovered in its annual countrywide testing…

No hard keyboard for first of new BlackBerrys

June 22nd, 2012

TORONTO (AP) — The first BlackBerry device running Research In Motion Ltd.‘s new operating software will not have a physical keyboard, only a touch-screen one.

The BlackBerry 10 software will be offered on devices with physical keyboards in the future, but RIM spokeswomen Rebecca Freiburger declined to say when. RIM is expected to start selling BlackBerry 10 touch-screen devices this year.

Managing the Costs of Beauty

June 21st, 2012

One way to budget your money is to consider the beauty products you use. From scrubs to haircuts to makeup, there are ways to save money and enjoy your beauty treatments. Use the tips below to include beauty savings as part of your budget goals.